Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital | Healthy Yakima | Winter 2017

HEALTHY YAKIMA is published for the friends and patrons of YAKIMA VALLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, 2811 Tieton Drive, Yakima, WA 98902, 509-575-8000, yakimamemorial.org . Board of Directors Scott Wagner, Chairman; Dave Hargreaves, Vice-Chairman; Buffy Alegria, Secretary; William Feldmann, MD, Treasurer; James Berg; Bruce Heiser; Rich Martinez; Craig Mendenhall; Sonia Rodriguez-True; Gail Weaver; James Young President and CEO: Russ Myers Editors: Allison Arnett and Rebecca Teagarden Information in HEALTHY YAKIMA comes from a wide range of medical experts. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. If you have concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, contact your health care provider. For information regarding Virginia Mason Memorial policies, refer to yakimamemorial .org/rights or call 509-469-5411. 2017 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Even though I have cable, sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be anything worth watching on TV. Know of any channels I haven’t checked out? –Tired of Channel Surfing Dear Tired, Have I got a show for you! Check out Channel 192, YCTV. That’s the community access channel for Charter cable subscribers. There you will find “The Picture of Health.” It’s Virginia Mason Memorial’s new monthly program featuring health topics and tips you can use. It’s not one of those stuffy medical shows either. We want you to have fun while you learn! The show runs repeatedly the first two weeks of each month. Times vary. Also find it online at www.yakimawa.gov . Select “YCTV and Y-PAC” under “Departments.” Last winter was a tough one. I fell on the ice at least half a dozen times. I’m no spring chicken, so I was lucky I didn’t get hurt worse than bumps and bruises. Is there anything I can do to stay upright? –Down She Goes Dear Down, I’m really glad you asked, because we are very concerned about falls all year long at Virginia Mason Memorial. Here are two simple things you can do: ●    ● Walk like a duck. Yes, really. Put your feet out wide and step deliberately. This gives you a more secure connection to the ground. ●    ● Consider buying a pair of “snow grippers” or “ice cleats.” YakTrax is one name brand commonly found. These are made of rubber and snap tightly around the bottom of shoes or boots. The bottoms have metal traction grids that hold you steady. Find them at local sporting goods stores. My grandmother passed, and we were really close. Even though the holidays are coming, I’m just not in the spirit. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t feel like celebrating. Can you help me? –Bah Humbug Dear Bah, The holidays are especially hard when you’ve lost a loved one. But you truly are not alone. Virginia Mason Memorial has classes and support groups just for you. There is a Grief Recovery Workshop, a Children’s Bereavement Workshop and a Living With Loss Support Group. The Grief Recovery Workshop is an eight-week course. It costs $20 for a book and materials. The Support Group is a four-week, discussion-based course and support group. There is no charge. The course for children, also no charge, is three hours and includes lunch. To find out more, call 509-574-6746 . And check out the full calendar of Memorial’s events and classes online at yakimamemorial.org . Healthy Yakima. / yakimamemorial.org She answers all your questions about Virginia Mason Memorial Dear Ginny e answers all of estions about Virginia Mason Memorial HAVE A QUESTION FOR GINNY? Please email your question to socialmedia@ yvmh.org . Your question may appear in a future issue of Healthy Yakima .